Reforming Government

On the state and national level, big money interests have too much influence over our political system. We need a government that works for the people, not just the powerful.

Priority Legislation: SB1424 — Reforms the campaign finance system to cap the influence of big money and magnify the voices of everyday small-dollar donors
Priority Legislation: SJRCA 1 — Amends the Illinois Constitution to allow us to tax billionaires at a higher rate than janitors.


  • Legislative maps should be drawn fairly, to accurately represent constituents, in a way that doesn’t play politics
  • Politicians and state bureaucrats shouldn’t be allowed to use double- and triple-dipping and salary spiking to game the pension system
  • Ethics rules should be strengthened to make sure those in the legislative and executive branch don’t immediately turn around and become lobbyists
  • Taxpayers should have the option to consolidate redundant local governments that provide duplicative services